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Balanced ComPosition Performing Arts is a growing studio on the rise to be the core of our community's balance to feed the mind, body, and soul with enriched classes and performances. We are known for our soulful, cultured, and ethnic genres such as hip hop, liturgical, lyrical, and tap  and we will continue building our classes, levels, and repertoire in the near future.  We understand that dance promotes so much for the body and we want everyone to have access. Therefore one of our focus is have classes for adults! Yes Balanced ComPosition wants adults to continue to have access and a no judgement home to keep their love for dance alive! ADULTS DANCE TOO! 


To enhance a healthier community through dance aesthetics by creating a safe haven, promote imagination, longevity, and power of the inner being to those who want to grow in the performing arts realm.


To promote urban dance styles and other ethnic dances to youth and adults.



 To value yourself,  others, the space, and the time shared in preparation for the purpose of the agenda given.


Taking personal ownership with the rules of the studio and the ethics of a dancer. Hard work and dedication. 



We are geared to have an open-mind to explore, innovate, and envision dance.


Create an atmosphere that is uplifting. We will always find something to work on but appreciate our stages of progress. We want to leave better than we came and keep that momentum going throughout our lives.

The Meaning of the Name




I am a women, a Christian, a scientist, a Mother, an athlete,and a dancer... now a businesswoman and so much more! But I feel balanced my gift of dance is shared by the vision created by God. With all these things given to me, only God the creator will balance those gifts for the up building of the kingdom. Therefore I am of service to God to share what I feel to others. I believe dance aesthetics and can relieve tension and stress from the mind that will reconnect the body with your soul. Without Him to counteract my weight, I am unbalanced and lost with nowisdom to show forth my gifts. 




Composition is a work of music relating to rhythm and the arrangement; composition is in which a whole mixture is made up just like the dance genres and performances. I want in my studio shedding light on the black dance aesthetics and uniqueness. And in dance a composition book is needed to write down notes, to plan for a class, and the breakdown of complex movement(s) and phrases. The capital C and P are for my initials Chandra Pulliam.


This is becoming balanced because it was first a vision, I made it my desire, I wrote it down through planning and training, and the help from God it is now coming into fruition.